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2014 ARS All Miniature Rose Show Results
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CRS Annual Rose Show was a blast!

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12/17/2011 There are new photos- the Arches in Elizabeth Park in June 2011(before the ravenging snow). In the Photo Section (2011 Public Gardens)

Complete information and invitation for the CRS Member's Holiday Party on 8 Jan. 2012 in the Calendar and Meetings section.


11/16/2011    All electronically connected members should have received the list of Special Order Roses, including the 2012 Project Rose, Sweet Fragrance, in an email just the other day.  Shows the list of roses special Low price and a tidy order form that can be sent to Marge Obst with your order.  This is a Member Special and great deal on select Ping Lim roses.

I have updated the Internet (and phone number) links to some of the key Grafted, Own Root and Miniature rose supliers in the Internet Links section.

Note: your garden may have taken a whumping during the early/freak snowstorm.  And, regretfully, many of Elizabeth Park's roses faired poorly, too.  As a Christmas Gift consideration: how about funding a Pillar at EP?  Few things would make Dorothy Perkins happier.

And a timely garden thought without having to go All the Way into the Rose Culture Section:  November is an optimum time to check your Rose Garden Chart/Map against the labels in the garden to confirm identities.  What?  No Garden Chart?  Well then, November is the second best month for creating one, then stashing it where easily refound in the spring.  And you can save ink if you determine which plants underperformed to the point of replacement.  Remove now whilst the soil is still unfrozen (and if you will use the same hole for new rose in the spring- then put a plank over the hole to save digging in April.  (best to use new soil to backfill when planting- keeps down issues that may have been the cause of underperforming in the past).

 11/11/2011    New links in the Internet Links section: Herb Gardening, and Basic Gardening
                        New photos- Marci's Snow- Flattened Roses (Photo Section)

11/4/2011    November meeting and program CANCELLED due to Snow Storm- no power at the Pond House!  Look for the Auction to be held in April.

10/20/11    The New Project Rose for 2011-2012 is Sweet Fragrance!

 9/5/2011    New Rose of the Month in the Rose Culture Section (for Aug.)

8/25/11    Calendar section now lists the tentative schedule of programs for 2011/2012 planned by new Vice President and Program Chair Mirjana Toyn.
                        Note: the next program is scheduled for 11 September at the Pond  is a Six-Pack Rose Show.  Bring your roses on ornate beer/Coca Cola bottles for critique as if there were a Real Rose Show.  Find out what the judges seek in a Blue Ribbon, and see the potential flaws that they may find.

8/18/11    Added photos from President Beckt's garden. See Virtual Rose Gardens/2011 in the Photo Section.

7/12/11    CRS Rose Show Results are now tabulated and published.  See link on the Rose Show page.
                Alert!!!:  President Becky has make her first key announcement: Declaration #1- There will be No New Taxes for CRS!!!

 7/6/2011 Photos of the Executive Board on the Board of Directors page.

7/3/2011    Added photos of Lili Shohan (Ribbon Cutting) and Dorothy and Dave Ciak for the Bronze Medal award.  Photos of President Becky and VP Mirjana in the Board of Directors section.

7/1/2011    Welcome to out New Officers and Board of Directors, term beginning 1 July 2011 for two years!  THANK YOUs to Past President Marci for a wonderful job over two terms! And Congratulation to the new Executive Board: President Becky Martorelli, Vice President/Program Chair Mirjana Toyn, Secretary Karen Chase and Treasurer Earl Obst!
The remaining Board Members can be viewed in the About CRS section.


 6/28/2011    Congratulations to Dorothy and Dave Ciak for earning the CRS Bronze Medal for 2011!
    Additional Rose Show photos in the Photo Section/ Rose Show. 
    The 2011 Miniature and Miniflora Convention and Rose Show was held in Syracuse, NY this past weekend.  Many beautiful roses, but very few from Yankee District (due in no small part to the 20+ days of rain in June in the Northeast! Dave Ciak, Dave Long and Dave Candler were judges for the show.  Garden tours followed on Sunday.  Photos will be posted of the Ed Mills Public Garden in the next week.

6/23/2011    A very nice rose show hosted by CRS, and Chaired by Dave Ciak!  Initial photos are displayed in the Rose Photo Section.   More photos, and he tabulation of Results coming soon!

6/6/2011    We had a Great Tour thru the garden at Elizabeth Park!!

5/16/2011    New Rose of the Month for May, thanks to Marina Wettig!  Repaired corrupt files.

5/7/2011    Updated calendar.  The 2011 CRS Rose Show Schedule (list of Classes and Rules) is posted on the Rose Show Page link.
                            Proposed slate of officers for 2011-2013 is posted on link from the Board of Directors Page and here.

4/19/2011    Update to the May CRS Meeting- Dave Ciak will be the presenter for Preparing Your Roses for the Rose Show.

3/30/2011    Update to the Consulting Rosarian List: Congratulations to YD CR Chair, Dave Long, on being conferred Master Rosarian!
New Rose of the Month for April-  thanks to Chris Jancot.

3/19/2011    Updated the Calendar and Meetings page.

3/8/2011 CRS is now on Facebook, as well.  Get your Hot Rose Society news and chat with each other on line!  Got to join Facebook first, (and I recommend putting in some background on yourself, but not life's story, then edit the SHARE features to Share Bio type info only with people you have specified as "Friends".  To join our group, Search in Facebook for Connecticut Rose Society. When there, ask to Join.
Let Dave Candler know if you have issues (not questions about Facebook itself- use their Help for that [Facebook.com]).

3/7/2011 Calendar  updates. NOTE: An email has been sent to all CRS Members discussing the planned bus trip to NY Botanical Gardens on   11 June 2011.  If you did not get that email, and are interested, send me an email  (DavCandler@aol.com).
New What to Do in The March Garden article in the Rose Culture section.

3/2/2011    Additional information on Midge plus a new article on Beneficial Insects on the Rose Culture page.

2/28/2011    New Rose of the Month- Rose Culture home page link.
    New Annual Consulting Rosarian Report for 2011- Rose Culture Home Page link
    Note: the 6 March 2011 CRS Meeting will be worth one (1) Continuing Education credit for existing Consulting Rosarians.
    More photos from CRS Meetings and Events- various locations.  See the Cupcakes on the Home Page, for example.

2/10/2011 Revised topic for the March CRS meeting- see the Calendar/Meetings Section.

ARS Consulting Rosarian Recertification Update (mostly for CRs) in the Rose Culture/Yankee District CR Chair section/page.

2/1/2011 New Rose of the Month in the Rose Culture Section

1/7/2011 New What to Do in the New England Garden for Jan-March in the Rose Culture Section.
New Rose of the Month for Jan 2011 (Grandiflora About Face) in the Rose Culture Section.
Start finding and printing your entries for the 2012 Calendar Photo Contest (to be done as part of the meeting in February).

Marci Martin does a Blog: "Everything Roses" part of www.Planter's Place.com.  Click here or the link on the What's New Block just under the Left Hand side menu to see what she has to say.  Updated about monthly.
Got some photos f your garden from last year that you can share on our web site??  Send them!!

1/6/2011 Start wrapping your Yankee Swap gift for the Rose Society Holiday Luncheon on Sunday 9 January.  Should be a wonderful time!

1/1/2011 Happy New Year! 

Check out those catalogs (mostly online, these days)  and get your favorite new roses!!



12/4/2010    The CRS Member Holiday Luncheon will be at the Pond House, 1 PM 1/9/2011.  See the Calendar/Meetings page for more info and link to the flyer.
New Rose of the Month for December in the Rose Culture section.

11/13/2010    New Photos from Wally Parsons of the Stanley Park (MA) Rose Garden in Public Gardens portion of the Rose Photography section.
Rose of the Month for November is Dark Night (Rose Culture section).

10/29/2010    Rose of the Month for October- Purple Splash- Climber.  This is a really nice rose that reminds on Fourth of July- except Purple!!

10/27/2010    Even Newer music.  Some new Rose of the month info.

10/15/2010    General updates.

10/6/2010    Newer Music!
Revised info on the Rose Culture Page
Calendar and Meetings page updated with next 12 month's planned events!!

9/28/2010    Article on irrigation has been updated.
Several new FAQ's in Dr. Rose's Acute Care Center.

9/19/2010    Check out the Weeks Rose Special Order List, and order SOON!

8/29/2010    New soothing music!!

8/29/2010    Changes, as needed throughout the month.  Latest info includes revised information at the Yankee District Website (a link from our Calendar and Meetings page) [Lobster Fest cost decreased to $30, new contact emails and phone numbers for Audrey and Oz Osborn], and several new FAQ's for new rosarian selection of roses and chemical shelf life. 

7/30/200    A bunch of new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have been answered and posted in the FAQ subsection of the Rose Culture Section (use the top, side or bottom menus).  Calendar updates. Note: next year's Project Rose will be Dick Clark!

 7/12/2010    New Rose of the Month (for June 2010: Dick Clark- grandiflora), What to do in July in your CT Rose Garden, new article on the benefits of alfalfa for growing roses contributed by Jolene Adams, ARS Vice President.  New photos of the Fuller Public Rose Garden in Essex, New Hampshire.  Fuller is a beautiful well kept secret, within 1/2 mile of the seashore, and with a Japanese garden and many nice statuary, as well.

Calendar section has been updated with the CRS Board of Director's meeting on 25 July at President Marci's home.

 7/9/2010    Photos of Sue Redway's Garden by the Redways, Posted in the Photo/Virtual Gardens section.

7/6/2010    Wine and Roses at Becky Martorelli's garden...  See the Calendar and Meetings section for more information, and go here (don't forget to RSVP!!)

7/6/2010    Photos from the Lower Cape (Cod) Rose Society [LCRS] and New England Rose Society [NERS] are posted in the Rose Show Photo Section.  Look for the link between the photos from CRS 2010 and CRS 2009.

7/5/2010    Sandy and Dave Long's Garden photos (2 sub-sections!) in the Virtual Rose Garden portion of Rose Photography.

6/30/2010   Photographs of all Head Table Winners posted in the Rose Show Photography section.
There will be a Wine and Roses Gala Affair this year the last weekend of July!!  Will be at Becky Martorelli's home and garden.  Check back soon for details (in the Calendar/Meetings section).

6/28/2010    Initial photos from the 2010 CRS Rose Show are posted in the Rose Photography section.

6/24/2010    Posted the results of the CRS Annual Rose Show.  Updated Current News and Recent Events.  Congratulations to Marci Martin and Dave Candler on Award of American Rose Society Master Rosarian designation.  Congratulations to Sandy and Dave Long as the Bronze Medal recipients for 2010.

 6/13/2010    Added photos of the Chet Clayton Rose Garden (URI, Rhode Island) and Roger Williams Rose Garden, Providence, RI to the Photo Section/ Public Rose Gardens.

Movies of opening roses are also available- see bottom of the Rose Photography page.  These are time-lapse photos over hours or days, combined to make a movie.

6/11/2010  Virtual Rose Garden Photos added: Zack and Mary Lau's garden in Newington.

6/9/2010    Public Gardens: Mystic added.  See Photo/Public Rose Gardens/Mystic

6/4/2010    Virtual Rose Garden additions: VP Becky Martorelli, Dave Candler, Norwich Memorial Rose Garden.

6/1/2010 New Rose of the Month (Candy Land) in the Rose Culture section.  What to do in the New England Rose Garden in June is featured in the Rose Culture section.

Be sure to go back to the Photography Section/Public Rose Gardens/Elizabeth Park Old Garden Roses and review or cherish the photos.  Many of those OGRs were really beautiful.  But they are no more... the garden has been removed...

 5/29/2010    Changed the Main Page photo to the Memorial Day rose.
Began adding photographs of 2010 roses!  With the amazing warm weather this spring, and rare frost/freezes in May, everyone reports amazingly early and prolific blooms.  See the Photo Section/Virtual Rose Gardens/2010 for garden photos from this year, beginning with President Marci's and Bob's garden.

 5/24/2010    Nancy and Al Lenoce's Garden will be open for tour on 5 and 6 June as well as the following weekend, due to the early bloom this year.  See Calendar section.

5/18/2010    Additional Rose Show Preparation Hints under Exhibition pointers in the Rose Show section.  Added member Nancy and Al Lenoce's invitation to tour their Prize Winning garden in the Calendar section.

Added the material from Leslie Alexander's IPM/Organic Rose Gardening Presentation in the IPM section.

5/12/2010    Location of the LCRS Rose Show has changed. See the Calendar.

A .pdf printable version of the CRS Rose Show Schedule is posted on the Main Rose Show page.

5/9/2010    Revised June meeting program due to the warm weather.  See the Calendar /Meeting Section. 
        The 2010 CRS Rose Show Schedule is now published in the Rose Show section.  CRS Members will be emailed a copy at the end of May.

5/4/2010    Timely Tips update for May, Calendar updates, UCONN IPM links on the Links page (and here: http://www.hort.uconn.edu/Ipm/ipmprog.htm), new Rose Recommendations for Cold Climates and Hardy Roses for our area in the Rose Culture section.

 4/25/2010    A list of Disease Resistant Roses has been added to the Rose Culture Section (See Recommended Roses)

 4/22/2010    An article about Rose Rosette Disease in CT!  In the Rose Culture Section. 

 4/14/2010    Added the names of the ARS Master Rosarians to the Consulting Rosarian page.

4/12/2010    Great meeting yesterday at the Pond House.  In particular, VP Becky's concise, yet thorough, overview of Opening the Garden and Major Action considerations for spring was jam-packed with information!  Happy 30th Anniversary to the Connecticut Rose Society.  And Thank you very much to Marge and Earl Obst for coordinating the procurement and distribution of all those wonderful Weeks Roses and the 2010 Project Rose, White Licorice!
Both of the CT Rose Planting Days (Elizabeth Park with Marci Martin, and Walnut Hill, New Britain (Kate McCue) went wonderfully thanks to the support of all the generous volunteers!  Well Done!
Calendar/Meetings updates in that section of the web site.
When you logged on did you see the multiple revolving pictures on the Home Page, and hear music?  If so, Great.  If not, you probably need to download Adobe Flash for your Internet Browser.  Go to: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html
Had enough of the web site music?  You can control the volume, or turn it off/on entirely with the controls in the cluster of photos near the top of the page. 

3/30/2010    The current contemporary information and photos from recent years have been retained, older material deleted for faster mining. Everything will be much easier to find due to expanded fly-out menus and more clear navigation. Navigation includes more side choices, a top menu, with drop-down feature, links at the bottom of the page to key locations, and three key icons in the upper right hand corner of each page. Even with this ability to bore down to desired material, following the hierarchical paths will provide a wider variety and more broad coverage. Vastly expanded Links, appropriate to a bigger and better Internet Cloud of information have been added. There is calming background music (on 'main pages') to soothe after a busy day in the garden, and you can control the volume, or even turn it off with controls on the top of the page.  If you allow 'cookies' your settings will be remembered (and pages load faster). Photos of Public Rose Gardens have been added, and this feature will expand. More modern, more formal, and better presented material throughout. Your requests have been acted on!

2/25/2010 The Annual Consulting Rosarian Survey Results are provided in the Rose Culture Section.

2/12/2010 Congratulation to Joan Brazzel for her designation as Consulting Rosarian Emeritus.

2/11/2010 New Rose of the Month for February! Club Project Rose= "White Licorice", see the Rose Culture Section.
For those who entered photos in the CRS Calendar Contest, please send the digital files to:

2/10/2010 The new Project Rose for the CRS Rose Show 2011 has been announced: White Licorice. Look for full description in Rose of the Month (Rose Culture Section) soon. Note: planting days at both EP and the Walnut Hill Memorial Rose Garden, New Britain are scheduled for 10 April. Pick your closest and give a helping hand. More in the Calendar Section.

2/2/2010 New Rose of the Month (Lady Emma Hamilton) for January in the Rose Culture Section.
Information concerning Ali Whyte's new book in the Books Section, and see the 1/30/2010 What's New below.

2/1/2010 New Rose Haiku in the Photo/Rose Verse Including Haiku section (no new Berma Shave verse, however).
Note: CRS Board of Director's meeting is BEFORE the Feb. meeting starting 12:30 during luncheon.

1/30/10 Book review for the Chute's new book- in the Books Section.
Note: new revised program for the CRS March meeting: Sustainable Rose Growing by Mike and Angie Chute! Be There, Aloha!
How to view, review and purchase Ali Whyte's book, "The Roses of Elizabeth Park" see http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/907415

 1/28/10 NEW Virtual Rose Garden Tour- Arlene Vogel's garden in Old Mystic, CT. There are four linked pages of bigger photographs for winter viewing. This is a remarkable garden with all manner of roses, other plantings, many artworks and a resident swan. The request for larger photos is happening, but this takes some bandwidth- so those on Dial-up please be patient. The Garden is worth the wait. This is all in the Photo Section.
Revised show dates or made the locations more specific for area rose shows this summer.

1/26/10 This is not new, but the article was easily missed since it is a link to the real page. Annual Consulting Rosarian Survey- 2009 is linked on the Rose Culture Page, near the top of the page. Tells concisely what CRs IN YANKEE DISTRICT grow and recommend, what their collective Cultural Practices are, and Pest Control recommendations.
Probably worth a winter review. And a new edition of this Survey should be out soon.

1/22/10 New book: in the Books Section: Roses for New England: A Guide for Sustainable Roses, by Angie and Mike Chute.

1/19/10 Several revisions- including making some photo slide shows of Virtual Gardens compatible (play nice) with some newer browsers. AND- please revise your penciled-in calendars: our April meeting will be on the 11th, the week AFTER Easter.

1/13/10 The Full Information on the upcoming Yankee District Spring Rose Convention can be found in the Calendar section (March 26-28). Be sure to click on the links for the additional information and reservation form!

1/10/10 For all CRS Consulting Rosarians: don't forget to submit your annual CR Report. This is different from, and not to be confused with, the ARS Roses in Review survey, which all interested rosarians are encouraged to complete. Deadline for CR Report is 1 Feb., and should be sent to Dave Long. Form is available as a link from our "Call a CR Page".
Timely Tips for Winter Rose Gardening- Dec.- March.



12/26/09- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
New Virtual Rose Garden (Judy Paniccia and Bob Stryker) in the Photo Section
Timely Tips for a CT Rose Garden- in the Rose Culture Section

12/7/09 New Virtual Garden (Karen Navarre) photos in the Photo Section.

11/11/09- New member Virtual Garden visit. Photos of Janice Champagne's Garden in the Photo Section/Virtual Rose Gardens

11/09 What to do in a CT Rose Garden in the Rose Culture Section.

9/24/09 New Rose of the Month, Membership Chair is revised to Marina Wittig. In consideration of the increased value to members by CRS, dues for the next year are adjusted to $20. Congratulations to ART EMMONS on selection as the CRS Bronze Medal winner! (Photo in the About CRS Section (Bronze Medal winner List)

9/13/09 Congratulations to these members on having attended the Consulting Rosarian School and passing the Examination following, facilitating their NEW appointments as ARS Consulting Rosarians!!
Becky Martorelli
Judy Paniccia
Cindy Ehrenreich

Thank you to Dave Long (Yankee District CR Chair) and John Mattia for preparing and conducting that CR School!

8/31/09 New Programs for 2009/2010 Season added to the Calendar Section.
Timely Tips for CT Rose Gardener in the Rose Culture Section.

8/4/09 Updates.

8/1/09 Timely Tips for Connecticut Rose Gardening for August is in the Rose Culture Section.
A new Rose of the Month (Cinco de Mayo {yes, I know it should have been May, not August...} in the Rose Culture Section.
Information on the Yankee District CR School is at a link at the top of the page in the Rose Culture Section.
Information on the Yankee District fall Rose Show on Cape Cod is added. See the link in the Calendar Section for September 12, 2009. And direct: Yankee District Fall Rose Show 2009. (check the bottom of the page for Special Pink Information).
Links are also on the Calendar for the CR School and to the Yankee District web site.
New Dr. Rose question in the Rose Culture Section.
Congratulations to the following for their recent elections in ARS:
Pres- Jeff Wyckoff
VP- Jolene Adams
Region 0 Director- Clarence Rhodes
Yankee District Dir.- Oz Osborn

6/30/09 Rose Show Photos posted in the Rose Show Section, link here.
6/2009 Rose Show Opening Ceremony for the CRS 2009 Rose Show: Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell will cut the ribbon and be our Guest of Honor! http://www.ct.gov/governorrell/site/default.asp.
New Timely Tips for Rose Gardening in June2009.
And! Additional Rose Exhibiting Pointers have been added to the Rose Show Section.
6/9/09 New article on Rose Show Preparation in the Rose Show Section.
5/26/09 New Rose of the Month in the Rose Culture Section!
5/24/09 Full Rose Show 2009 Schedule and Classes provided in the Rose Show Section. Note: there are a couple of new classes/awards!
Revised the photo pages for past shows: you may want to review them as a basis for grooming hints, etc. for this year's show.
Don't forget to sign up for the Rose Show Luncheon (at the Pond House). Reservation form is in the Rose Show section.
Alert! Nor'East Miniature Roses is among the links (in the Links Section), but they have announced that this is the last year that they will ship roses retail. They will be wholesale only. There is a current (As of this date!) 50% off sale of their existing 2009 stock of retail miniatures.
Note: A fair number of roses are just in bloom in RI and warmer parts of CT. Looks to be a bit early this year.
New Home Page photo.
5/14/09 Calendar updates- Marci's and Becky's Wine and Roses. Lobster-Fest on Cape in Sept. See Calendar section.
4/6/09 Rose Culture additions- check out the Consulting Rosarian Annual Survey of Rose Culture Methods and Techniques plus their Most Recommended Garden and Exhibition Roses for 2009. Note: this survey is biased a bit for large gardens, and most Consulting Rosarians in the district have evolved robust gardens over time. The survey link can be found about 1/2 way down the Rose Culture page.
3/31/2009 New Rose of the Month for April (Pascali), Timely Tips for April (Rose Culture Section). Additions and revisions to the Calendar Section. New information about the 2009 Consulting Rosarian School (Calendar Section). Updated photos in Mirjana Toyn's Virtual Garden (Photo Section).
2/23/09 New Rose of the Month. Various updates.
2/19/09 Ed Caffegan's Rose Garden added to the Virtual Rose Garden Tour- Photo Section.
Dr. Rose responds to a vole question in the Rose Culture section.
2/6/08 Mirjana Toyn's Garden tour photos became de-hyperlinked. This has been corrected. See the Rose Photo Section, Virtual Rose Garden Tours 2008. Or go here. It has been cold! so, added a photo of Electric Blanket to Zac Lau's Rose of the Month for Nov. 2008.
New Rose of the Month for Feb 2009: Sandy & Dave Long's Altissimo
1/27/09 New Rose of the Month (Rose Culture Section). Refined the Calendar section, provided info on the CT Garden and Flower Show, added Nor' East Miniature Roses New Roses link in the Rose Culture Section. Timely Tips for A CT Garden in the Rose Culture Section.
1/15/09 Yankee District CR School Application Procedures can be found here, or Rose Culture Section main page link.
1/14/09 Information and Rules for the February meeting CRS Calendar Photo Competition are in the Calendar Section.
Don't forget to check out How to Become a Consulting Rosarian!
1/10/09 New link to a British site: How to Bud Roses.
New flurry of Dr. Rose questions and Answers in the Rose Culture Section/ Dr. Rose Hospital.
Note: the Holiday Festive Luncheon has been postponed a week, due to flurries (Calendar Section).
1/6/09 Calendar refinements. New Home Page photo.



1/1/09 Happy New Year!!!
12/30/08 The Project Rose for next year is Regina Lee.
12/26/08 New Garden Page to bring back the Gardening Spirit after this snowy start of official winter. Mirjana Toyn's garden in Guilford is the first to be featured. In the Photo Section, Virtual Rose Garden Tours. See the Calendar Section for info on the Annual Holiday Luncheon. Some of the mail-order vendors are taking orders for new roses for the spring- and the catalogs will be arriving soon! Get excited!
12/19/08 New featured Rose of the Month for Dec. 2008 (Rose Culture Section). Additional info on the Holiday Luncheon- in the Calendar Section.
12/1/08 Sadly, with the passing of Donna Fuss, Elizabeth Park, our meeting Home Base, lost its Rose Lady and primary Rose Presenter. Many of Connecticut Rose Society members were made aware of CRS' existence due to Donna's Rose Garden Tours at the park in West Hartford. The good news is that Friends of Elizabeth Park has asked our President, Marci Martin, to take over that position. And she has accepted! Part of the responsibilities are ordering new roses, coordinating volunteer assistance with maintaining the garden's roses, and providing the educational programs (talks in the rose garden, etc.). Having such an expert selected to follow in Donna's path is certainly Great News. Good skill and fair winds are wished to Marci in this challenging endeavor!
11/28/08 Andy Vanable's Article from CRS Newsletter Connecticut Rose (Where the Wild Ones Are) with new accompanying photos that do not have detail in print form. In the Newsletter Section.
11/12/08 New Rose of the Month for November 2008- Electric Blanket, in the Rose Culture Section.
11/12/08 Links to some New 2009 Roses and Products in the Rose Culture Section.
Updated old hyperlinks.
11/10/08 Holiday rose-related gift ideas: Holiday Gift Ideas 2008.
Newsletter section updated with new editor links. Hyperlinks in the Links section updated. Calendar updated.
11/3/08 New/Revised Officers and Committee Chairpersons, as of November 2008. Thank you for those who have Stepped Up to the Plate to meet the needs of CRS!!!
10/27/08 Revised Calendar and program items. New Home Page photo.
10/22/08 Main (Index) page revised. New Donna Fuss dedicated page.
Yankee District Convention is in March 2009, in NH. See the new flyer!!!
10/13/08 June and Dave Berg have long been very generous with information, roses for donation and door prizes, and NOW they are offering their MASSIVE Collection of ARS Rose Annual magazines for auction at the CRS November meeting (when we have our normal rose auction). These extend back to 1938! See this link for more details!
Timely Tips for the October CT Rose Gardener in the Rose Culture section.
10/10/08 Over the past week I have added info on the Home Page concerning Donna Fuss' untimely death.
Calendar has been updated.
9/15/08 See the Yankee District Website for info and photos from the YD Fall Show. Some of our CRS members did quite well- especially the Bergs and Ciaks. Thanks to all that brought roses to the Six-Pack Rose Show on 9/14/08. Many very nice exhibits!
9/13/08 See the Berg's Moore Trophy Winner on the Home Page! Read the material listed for 9/2/08.
9/2/08 Alarm!! Rose Midge Update. Stronger measures than has been the thought to be needed are apparently necessary to thwart midge in the CT Garden. Several additional articles are added to the Midge Update Page.
Added Timely Tip for September.
8/29/08 Added items to the Calendar. New Main Page photo.
8/3/08 Added the List of Programs for the upcoming 2008/2009 season to the Calendar/Meeting section.
7/22/08 Rose Show Tally Results are posted. See the Link in the Rose Show Section.
7/13/08 Added Photos for the 2008 CRS Rose Show in the Rose Show section.
7/5/08 General Updates in recognition of July- Rose Culture, etc. Some Rose Show Photos in the Rose Show Section.
6/26/08 Queen and other photos from the Rose Show 2008. Other photos coming soon!!!
5/31/08 Be sure to save the date: July 19, 2008, for the summer CRS Garden Tour and Pot Luck- Marina & Tim Wittig's home in Broadbrook, CT.
5/22/08 The 2008 CRS Rose Show Schedule of Classes and times , as well as all the information, is available in the Rose Show Section.
We are still looking for volunteers for Judge's Clerks (gives an excellent opportunity to see how the judges select the best roses!), and folks to assist with setup (the day before). If able to assist, please contact Rose Show Chairman Mike Gilbert! renegilbert@cox.net, 860-649-5175.

5/16/08 Various improvements
4/6/08 See the new Article "This Quarter in the Rose Garden" by Dave & Sandy Long, in the Rose Culture section.
3/28/08 Congratulations to President Marci Martin on selection as the 2007 Yankee District Outstanding Consulting Rosarian!!
3/20/08 Updated CRS Calendar. Note on the address label on your April Meeting Reminder Card: last line shows when you need to renew. April is normal renew month- send check!!!
3/9/08 New Rose of the Month for March 2008. Think Rose Culture. Do not think of pruning or rose garden work (see the Rose Culture section). Added a How to Select A Camera For Garden Photography (and other photos) in the Photo Section.
The Webmaster looks forward to seeing you at the Yankee District Rose Convention on 3/14-3/16/08!
2/27/08 Completely revamped and reorganized much of the web site. Significantly tightened the structure- especially in the Photography Section. Expanded several of the Links and hyperlinks on the left side (and bottom) of each page. Reorganized the site map based on recommendations of the Continuing Improvement Team.
The Rose Culture Section will be revised in the next 27 days.
2/24/08 See the Photo Section for Gill Smit's photos, two of which were selectees in the American Rose Society Photo Contest.
2/11/08 Description of a brand (big) new book: The English Roses: Classic Favorites and New Selections. In the Books Section.
2/10/08 Added the Yankee District Roses In Review survey of ARS Yankee District Members. Evaluated the newer roses as part of the National Survey. The data presented here is more applicable to our climatic conditions that the full ARS results. In the Rose Culture Section.
2/9/08 Added How To Photograph Gardens (a link) in the Photography Section.
2/3/08 Calendar updates.
1/19/08 Enlightenment. An article about the several elements of controlling light for improved close-up photography (as in a single rose bloom). In the Photo Section.

1/14/08 For new Signs of Burma Shave., see the Rose Photography section. Intended for the mature audience..., but safe for all.
An article about New Rose Releases for 2008, by the Ehrenreichs in the Rose Culture section.
1/10/08 It is Winter! What you can DO related to your Rose Hobby. < follow this link!!
New Home page photo, by Dave Long.
1/6/08 Added the Yankee District Spring Convention (Mystic, CT- hosted by the CT Rose Society) information to the Calendar section. See the Links in March 2008. Sign up soon so that memory issues don't get you (CRS).
Updated other important Links.
1/3/08 Dave Berg reports that Rosemania.com and Nor'East Miniature Roses have updated their websites with new 2008 introductions. See the Rose Culture section for a link to information from Wendy White, of Mass., and Nor'East- concerning their new roses (and note: Dave Berg's Oxbow is coming!!!!)
1/1/08 Happy New Year!!!
Lots of New Year Additions!!:
And just after the world was rocked to discover the psyche of rose exhibitors in "Otherwise Normal People...", there is yet another book for the deeply involved rose-lover: "Rose Haiku for Flower Lovers and Gardeners". See the Books Section for more information, and...
For a taste (whiff? ) go to: http://www.geraldengland.co.uk/revs/ba023.htm.
And CRS members have offerings of Haiku, too, thank you... See the Rose Photography Section (Haiku "paints a picture in the reader's mind...").
For the Timely Tips for January in the CT Rose Garden see the Rose Culture Section.
New Rose of the Month for Jan 08- Pristine in the Rose Culture Section.

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