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Time to stop fertilizing, but if you spray for disease, keep that up until late Nov.

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Survey for the website complete. Congrats to Judy P. for winning the book as the random response!


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New info on Rose Rosette Disease at last meeting

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9/20/17  Several of the top award winners at the Mini National Rose Show in Gettysburg:

Miniflora Queen


'First Choice' Queen of the Miniflora Roses
Entered by Joe and Carrie Bergs


Mini Queen


Memphis King' - Queen of the Miniature Roses
Entered by James and Brenna Richardson



Winning Entry by Satish and Vijaya Prabhu
Ralph S. Moore National Award


Mirjana Toyn

History of the Rose- Mirjana Toyn

Photo credits for the above: Tom Mayhew



9/19/17    Date change for October CRS meeting.  Now October 1.

                Quick photo of John Mattia's winning photo enttry of Dainty Bess at Gettysburg ARS Convention

JP Mattia


9/12/17    The Yankee District, and several others held their fall meeting at the ARS ngtional Miniature Rose Show and Convevntion in Gettysburg, PA this past weekend.  Since it is a bit late in the season for Yankee, roses did not flourish from our attendees (exceptions: Dave and Dot Ciak's minifloras and Andy Vanable best seedling), but Photography certainly did.  John Mattia took Photo Queen and several Best in Class awards.  Audrey Osborn took Photo Princess and Best Novice .  And other notable entries by Cindy Eherenreich, Jacqui Nye and Erwin Ehrenreich.

 8/26/17    Posted the CRS Calendar of meetings for 2017 -2018

8/2/17    Added the contact information (Link) for the ARS National Mini Convention 8-10 Sept. in Gettysburg.  Note: discounted rate for registration ends Aug. 11.

               Updated the Membership Form with new annual due date, etc.

7/26/17    Photos of new Officers added to the Board of Directors page

                Updated Calendar
                Some photos from the Annual Summer Picnic:











7/1/17      New slate of CRS Officers and Board of Directors takes office today. The list of office-holders is in the "About CRS" section.

6/27/17    Results of the Rose Show are at the Link on Rose Show page.

6/26/17    Posted the photos of awardees of Head Table Winners in the Rose Show Photo page
                Posted a gallery of The Venue... or other Rose Show Day sights and people that made it come together so well.

6/23/17    Photo Gallery of Head Table Winners is posted in the Rose Show Section (Link on the first page).  People photos will be up soon.
                Congratulations to Dave Candler on award of the CRS Bronze Medal.

                 Congratulations to Nancy Mixter, Wally and Martha Parsons and Dave and June Berg award of Lifetime Acgievement



                 Congratulations to Tom Fabian for appointment as Rosarian of the Year

                Congratulations to Zack Lau for winning the Sweepstakes (Most Blue Ribbons) in the CRS Rose Show.  It was wonderful how well he did in so Many diverse classes!

See Rose Show Photo Section for mug shot!



5/27/17    Added new Rose Show Page for 2017, it has the link to the Rose Show Schedule and Class List....  Beware: English Box classes for some classes are no longer. 

5/18/17    Note that the CRS Picnic date is changed to 16 July 2017 and the location is Bob and Marci Martin's home in Windsor.

5/8/17      CRS meeting in May was at Woodland Gardens and featured raptors....   birds of prey that complement nature.  Here are samples:










4/15/2017    CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Ciak for winning the Yankee District Silver Honor Medal and Dave Long for earning the Yankee District Outstanding Consulting Rosarian award.  These were presented at the Convention!

4/7/17    The Yankee District Spring Convention was last weekend, sponsored by CRS, and a great time was had by all!!
            Not only did we have a great time, but we were able to learn a lot as weell, and on Friday a Consulting Rosarian School was held.  There were five candidates for CR Certification as well as a large room full of current CR's there for continuing recertification credits.

The new CR's are:  Margaret Bercovitz, Patti Curtin, Rachelle Desrochers, Jay Hartling and Paul Raymond.  All passed the exam and we welcome them!  They will make it to the the CR list on this web site when the ARS paperwork is complete.


3/7/2017    Updateed Calendar Section, Published newly-adopted CRS Bylaws (link in the About CRS Section)

2/26/2017    The next CRS Meeting is in Plainville, our usual meeting location.  A presentation by Dave Candler on Improving Flower Photography- Easily (and Inexpensively).  See the Calendar/Meetings section for details and see the Rose Photography Section (Articles) for a complete outline. 
And don't forget the CRS Annual Calendar Photography contest that day as well.  Bring your entries to the meeting!

What a wonderful job the CRS members did to make the CT Flower and Garden Show exhibit a wonderful sight to behold.  As seen from the photos below, the craftsmanship was superb.  And the credit for most of the cottage construction goes to Thomas Fabian and Bob Martin!  From Marci's character as Snow White's gramdma to Becky's super outfit and free roses to the Deserving to the volunteerism of Society Members in answering questions from the public to the many behind the scenes workers and craftsmen...  it all came wonderfully together!  Since the exhibit was the first thing generally seen by  visitors, it was encouraging to hear the Wow's and Ohhhs and Ahhhs as they saw the grand display.  "Look!!!  Roses in BLOOM!"

Thank you Christine Randazzo for design services!!  and...See the CRS Facebook Page for a more complete list of individuals and groups that contributed!



Here is a preview of the Woodland Gardens theme CT Rose Society entry for the 2017 CT Flower and Garden Show in Hartford opening 2/23 and running through Sunday.
Snow White and the Dwarfs are the focus, and the Rose Society has done just amazing things to design, create, construct and put together all the pieces!!







Y'all Come!!  and enjoy not only our exhibit, but the whole shebang!


1/13/2017    Yankee District Convention... See Calendar and Meetings Section for full disclosure

THE 2017
March 31 - April 2
hosted by the Connecticut Rose Society
Friday March 31, 2017
Hotel check-in after 3 pm.
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm ARS Consulting Rosarian School  (Most of it clean,, some dirt)- Captain Henry Classroom
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Registration and photo submission, hotel lobby
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Optional Friday night dinner buffet, banquet room
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Hospitality Suite open, Room 615
Saturday April 1, 2017
8:00 am - 9:00 am Registration and photo submission, hotel lobby
8:00 am - 9:00 am Hospitality Suite open, Room 615
9:15 am Convention begins with a welcome, banquet room
9:30 am Mirjana Toyn "A Brief History of the Rose Through the Ages"
10:25 am - 10:50 am Break (raffle tickets and vendors)
10:50 am Mark Windham "When Bad Things (Rose Diseases) Happen to Good People"
11:50 am - 12:00 pm Break (raffle tickets and vendors)
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Luncheon buffet; speaker, ARS President Pat Shanley
1:30 pm Baldo Villegas "Disasters in the Rose Garden"
2:25 pm - 2:45 pm Break (vendors and LAST CALL FOR RAFFLE TICKETS)
2:45 pm Marci Martin & John Mattia "A Fireside Chat: Marci and John's Favorite Rose
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm RAFFLE DRAWING
6:00 pm - 6:30 pm Pre-Dinner Social - cash bar in banquet room ; classical guitar by Jake Spector
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Plated dinner in banquet room, followed by:
Yankee District Awards; Photo Contest Winners; Rose Auction
HOSPITALITY SUITE , Room 615, open following the Rose Auction
9:30 am - 12:00 pm Yankee District Meeting
12:00 pm Check out time

1/9/2017    Here are some MORE pictures from the bash.  Se below for the initial batch.



1/9/2017    The 2017 CRS Holiday Party was held yesterday in Cromwell, CT... Great food, delightful rose chat, Yankee Swap gifts and Homiday Camaraderie were there in abundance.  Here are some of them:



Holiday Gathering



12/15/2016    Added RIRS meetings for 2017 to the Calendar/Meeting section.  Be sure to winterize your irrigation system and hoses!!  Don't leave chemicals to become frozen.  Schedule your tetnus shot booster.  Did you update the garden map to show 2016 revisions?

12/7/2016    The Feb. and March CRS programs have been swapped.  You have an additional month before the Rose Calendar Photo contest.

11/11/2016    Calendar and various

10/29/2016    Updated and added several Links in the Internet Links section. 

10/22/16    Updates and refvisions

10/14/2016     Added a Winter Protection article from Jack Falkner in the Rose Culture section .   Updated Board of Directors.  Welcome Maureen Kummer!  Calendar updated including all info to date.


We have just kicked off the annual CRS Bareroot Rose Sale. This year featuring a selection from Star Roses. Sales are limited and on a first come, first serve basis. So order early, there's no guarantee we can get more.

The order form is here. This year bareroot plants are $15 each and as usual pick-up will be at the April 2017 meeting. If you have questions contact Marge Obst eobst@sbcglobal.net, or call 860-621-3855

You can view this years selections at http://www.starrosesandplants.com/plants


7/13/2016    Added photos from Judy Paniccia's rose garden and Karen Navarre's rose garden in the Virtual Rose Garden page (link from the Photo section)

6/28/2016    Rose Shows for the Northeast are complete for the spring/summer.  The Results (opens a separate document) of the CRS Rose Show and the Photographs of the Show and winning entries are posted herein.   For more information about our Rose Show, go to the Rose Show section.

5/17/2016    Major revisions....

5/4/2016    We had an interesting meeting in May with Marci and Becky  talking about rosesd in arrangerments.  For home, or prom but not the kind you might see in a rose show.  And think of all the roses that will now have a position in your vases so that you can enjoy longer than if they were only allowed their time in the rose garden.



4/25/2016    Added the 2015 update to the Annual Consulting Rosarian's Report in the Rose Culture section.

4/15/2016    Announcing!  Wally Parsons has taken his MANY years of being a Consulting Rosarian to the next level and has elected to move to the Emeritis category, for those that have served for a career.  Well done all those years, Wally!

The Webmaster is seeking Assistants and Advisors!  If you can help, or if you are aware of items that would improve the CRS website, please contact the Webmaster, Dave Candler, at DavCandler@aol.com.  Thanks!

3/13/2016    Updates to the site.  Note- meetings start at 1:30 PM (Doors open for refreshments).  Times are now published on the Calendar and Meetings page.

2/9/2016    Ahoy!  A Brown Notebook with no name was found after a meeting at the end of last year.  About 10"x6" light brown.  If yours email: DavCandler@aol.com. 

Added meetings to the calendar section.   Cleared out some OBE Links. Added a new link (end of the first section of Links- Rose Family Tree...) which many of you will find interesting.

  2/1/2016    Y'all have been asking for them...  here they are!  More! Photos from the 2016 Holiday Party!



Yankee District 2016 Spring Convention 
April 1st-3rd 
The Mainstay Hotel & Conference Center 
151 Admiral Kalbfus Rd 
Newport, RI 02840

See Calendar and for the Registration forms go to http://arsyankee.org , the Yankee District Web Site.


1/25/2016 From our Holiday Luncheon  a few more pics






1/1/2015  Please ensure you contact Tom Fabian (Membership) if you have changed your email, home address or phone numbers.  Did you get a new phone, and number for Christmas?




12/2015    Updated Calendar for CRS and NERS.

10/13/2015    Revised the format of the Calendar/Meetings section to improve readability.  Each month is now annotated with the month.  Website info for NERS and RIRS are indicated for more info on other events in New England.  CRS Events are in larger/Bold type for easier identification. Yankee District and ARS events within drivingdistance are included.

10/9/2015   Calendar and Meetings page has been updated to include more info on CRS meeting thru Feb., and added New England R/S meetings for 2016.

10/8/2015    More photos from the recent Fall ARS 2015 Convention.  See the Challenge Classes in the Photo section.

  10/6/2015    The 2016 Rose Order Form is available for Member of CRS to order at Special Reduced rates.  The roses available this year and the order form are here for printing and sending in with your check. Roses will be available in the spring for pickup.

9/23/2015    Interesting conversation is developing over on the Facebook Group: "Connecticut Rose Society" related to attributes and neccessity of spraying for pests, insect and diseases...   
    Also:  see the Photography Section for the initial photos from the ARS National/Yankee District Convention and related Rose Show recently held. 



For Items prior to this date, click here for : "What's OLD"





  Playboy rose photo