Shrub Rose Recommendations

Mike Chute 2007


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Not a bad idea to give your garden one more disease spraying before closing.

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Shrub Roses & Roses that Wannabe Shrubs

PowerPoint Slide Program by Mike Chute, CR

This program was presented to the Connecticut Rose Society in March 2007. The roses listed are those that were the beautiful slides that Mike presented, and constitute a list of his recommended roses that meet the criteria of being hardy in Zones 5 and 6, ay least, and are much better than average with regard to disease resistance. These are characteristics that are more frequently met by roses other than hybrid teas, and these roses are classified as shrubs, or may be classified as floribundas (but could well have been shrubs based on size and growth habit).These are roses to consider for new rose gardeners, and those that prefer to invest less time and energy in a disease spray program. They are beautiful, in their own right. Most are 'modern' and thus reasonably readily available, especially by mail order. By the nature of most shrub-like roses, these often have a low petal count, but by no means all 'singles'

Thank you! To Mike Chute for his presentation and providing these recommendations!

Nearly Wild
Home Run
Rainbow Knockout
First Light
Frau Dagmar Hartopp
Sally Holmes
Lady Elsie May
Distant Drums
Blueberry Hill
Clair Matin
Carefree Delight
Rainbow Sorbet
Yellow Submarine
John Davis
William Baffin
Royal Bonica
My Hero
Heart ‘N Soul
Julia Child
Pretty Lady
Dublin Bay
Oranges & Lemons
The Mayflower
Graham Thomas
White Cap
Rhode Island Red





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