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Roses in Review 2009

Compiled by Erwin Ehrenreich

(Webmaster Note: Roses in Review is an annual survey of ARS folks, open to all to comment.
This list covers Yankee respondents only.)

Another year, another Roses in Review. Where did 2009 go? Thank you all who submitted a report-38
this year. The full report will be posted on the Yankee District web site. 131 varieties were reported on. And a
total of 247 roses (we’re slipping).
The top garden rated Floribunda was Benilli (8.8, 1 report). The top exhibition rating was for Shockwave
(8.5, 1 report). Other highly rated Floribundas (Floribundi?) were Superhero with a garden rating of 8.6
and Janice Kellog with an 8.5. We don’t have personal knowledge of Benilli, but of the others, Shockwave is an
incredibly brilliant yellow and Superhero is a nonstop bloomer and very disease resistant. Janice Kellog is one of
our favorites. The color is a deep burgundy red and the has a very full bloom, almost Austin-like.
The top garden rated Hybrid Tea was Apricot Candy (8.8, 1 report). The top exhibition H.T. was
Spellbound (8.7, 3 reports). Other garden favorites were Sunny Delight (8.7) and Sweet Freedom (8.5). Spellbound
has been a favorite of ours for many years. The coral color is lovely and the form is near perfect.
In the Grandiflora category, Mother of Pearl received a spectacular 9.5 garden
rating and 9.0 exhibition rating with 2 reports. All American Magic was in 2nd place
with a 9.2 garden rating and 8.8 exhibition rating. We can’t say enough good things
about Mother of Pearl. Besides being incredibly beautiful, you just can’t kill it. It
has thrived in total neglect for two years.
In the Climber category, Crimson Sky received an incredible 9.8 garden rating
and a 9 exhibition rating from 1 reporter. Lunar Mist and
Morning Magic both received a garden rating of 8.9. That
incredible 9.8 rating was from us. This is the best new
climber we’ve seen in years.
Among the little guys (Minis and Minifloras), Best of 04, Equinox and Sleeping
Beauty all received the top garden rating of 8.5. Top exhibition scores were Equinox
with an 8.9 and Tiddley Winks with an 8.7.
The top rated Shrubs were Ole with a garden rating of 9.8 (1 report), Spring
Fever with a garden rating of 9.6 (1 report), and All The Rage with a garden rating of
9.1 (5 reports). Ole is a real winner. It grew to a beautiful size in it first year. For
most of the season it was full of lovely soft pink clusters of small blooms. This is a great garden rose. The
roses most reported on were Julia Child with 17 reports and Cinco de Mayo with 12 reports.
The roses most reported on were Julia Child with 17 reports and Cinco de Mayo with 12 reports. Both
of these floribundas performed very well for us. Julia’s lovely fragrance and strong yellow color, as well her
constant bloom is the reason it was voted most popular rose last year. Cinco de Mayo goes through so many
color changes during it cycle that we kept changing our minds where to plant it.





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