Quick and Easy Composting

Zack Lau


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CRS will have a new HOME location for meetings next year: Plainville Congregational Church!!

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Winter Protection:  you are not trying to keep the plants from getting cold.  You are trying to avoid wild cycles of temperature that can be ery challenging to roses.

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Our New Meeting Location in Plainville is working out well! Y'all come!

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Quick and Easy Composting

by Zachary Lau

Every year we look for less taxing ways of leaf removal.  Last year we
ground up our leaves using a Flowtron electric leaf shredder--a grass
whip mounted in a large barrel. It works quite well if the leaves are
dry--reducing a large pile of leaves into a small mound that doesn't
blow all over the yard. 
I realized that if I mixed grass clippings into the pile of shredded
leaves I could make compost!  I put the mixture of grass and leaves into
leftover hardware cloth cylinders that were used last year to protect
roses from rabbits.  I placed the cylinders on the ground--in the few
months it took to compost the mixture invasive tree roots weren't a
problem, even though the cylinders were right under a pine tree.





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