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New slate of officers announced in May were voted in at the June meeting. Congrats to new President Dave Ciak.

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Summer is HERE! Enjoy the world out there...

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New Bronze Medal awardee: David Candler

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Useful support for Web pages to be viewed properly:

This link provides information on

Webpage display issues: Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, and Java

The coming website for will use some of these features, and these 'plug-ins' will be useful for your smooth browsing experience.  Although the above focuses on Google Chrome as a browser, the same elements apply to Firefox, Apple Safari and Windows Explorer (revision 7 or 8 recommended, by the way- Explorer 6 is behind the times and may not be optimum these days, not just for our website, but others.  It may seem like it is working properly, but you may be missing some opportunities...).
Also, please note: many webpages do not print as expected, especially if they are 'modern/complex'.  A good work around (here explained for Microsoft Explorer) is to "highlight" the area you want to print (and Not highlighting all the advertisements and Other Stuff on some sites, e.g.), then in the Print Icon box (down arrow adjacent) at the top of the page, select (instead of 'As Laid Out On Screen'), the alternative "As Selected on Screen".  This avoids the issues for a changing background picture, etc. caused by Flash.  You only have this choice/box available IF you have some material selected/highlighted.
ActiveX limitations:
Microsoft Windows Explorer could not figure out how to keep computers using ActiveX features (imbedded in many websites) secure.  Their 'solution' was to block Active X features.  IF you see the Advisory Bar (under the menus) pop up and warn of ActiveX features blocked, Click for Options/do you want to Allow?  then say yes by clicking on the bar.  That gets you going again on That webpage, but it will recur.  Could be your Security Settings (Tools/Internet Options/Security) are too High.  You might consider using the Custom setting in that Dialog Box to refine for ActiveX issues.  Else, this subtle Pop-up blocking ActiveX can be limiting for webpages (throughout the web) and distracting.  Your call.
The New is web standards compliant. All current, major browsers should work properly, and well.  There will still be slight differences between browsers as browsers are not clones of each other.  For best experience, Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows Explorer 8, and Apple Safari are recommended in that order.  Chrome is faster, and renders some type-styles better. Next is Explorer 7 and Firefox.  Explorer 6 is not as robust.  IT did not recognize some modern standards. 
Try these out, and avoid issues.
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