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Notice that the Feb. and March programs have changed.  Dave Candler's photo presentation and Calendar Photo contest are in March.  Marci will present a program in Feb.

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It's Winter.  And the temperatures in early Jan. are confirmation. Outside garden work is done for several months. This is the time to read the areas of this website missed in the past, and to research your rose questions here and on the web including our Facebook Group page. That done, put another log on the fire, sit back and look at the catelogs and web pages for new roses.

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What a wonderful Holiday Party!

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Diseases, Insect Pests, Deficiencies and things that are Offenders or Photos of Bad Results (Some photos are very good/instructive):

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  • Elizabeth Park- Prospect and Asylum Streets, West Hartford, CT
  • Norwich Memorial Rose Garden- Rockwell St., Mohegan Park, Norwich, CT
  • Pardee Rose Garden- 180 Park Rd., New Haven, CT
  • Boothe Rose Garden- 5774 Main St., Stratford, CT
  • Wethersfield Rose Garden

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