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What's New:

New slate of officers to be announced in May meeting and voted in at the June meeting.

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Current News:

Spring has sprung!  And the forsythia are blooming around the state.  Cabin fever can be overcome with pruning your roses, cleaning the beds and GARDENING again!

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Did you get some nice roses at the CRS Auction ?

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Bronze Medal Winners

2015 Becky Martorelli
2014 Marcella Martin
2013 Wally and Marty Parsons
2012 Claranne and Jim Parker
2011 Dorothy and Dave Ciak
2010 Sandy and Dave Long
2009 Art Emmons
2006 Carol Ann and Steve Rogers
2005 Mike Fuss
2004 Richard Mascola
2003 Donna Fuss
2002 Sam Goldstein
2001 June Berg
2000 John Mattia
1999 Bob Linck
1998 Nancy Mixter
1997 Gerry Mattia
1996 Bill Turull
1995 Ron Brand
1994 Dave Berg






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